Little Beach

Turquoise blue waters, soft white sand and grand granite boulders – Little Beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Located in Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, Little Beach is the ideal place to spend a sunny summers day. With its blue waters having been compared to the likes of the Maldives, this stunning paradise is a MUST see when visiting Albany!

Like most warm afternoons, Seb and I grabbed our towels and headed to the beach. We spent hours walking the beach, sunbathing and taking dips in the blue at our leisure. You could spend all day lazing on the sand and listening to the waves, but you would be missing out on what I believe to be one of the most special parts of this West Australian paradise.

Take a short walk over the granite rocks, across a small bridge and you’ll find yourself looking at a real-life rock pool! If you’re looking for an Instagram opportunity, this is it! While dependent on the time of year, the crystal-clear waters of this rock pool are home to sea creatures such as starfish, crabs and a variety of fish.

While sea-creatures rule the rock-pool, the vegetated hillside of little beach is the dwelling place of many other cute little critters, such as the endangered Bilby and extremely endangered Gilbert’s Potoroo! They can be seen scurrying through the bushland between Two Peoples Bay and Little Beach. If you decide to walk along the heritage trail (which I absolutely recommend) you may just encounter a Bilby or Gilbert’s Potoroo.

Animals aren’t the only wildlife that this little piece of Great Southern has to offer. Keep an eye out for wildflowers as you drive through the Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, native blossoms can be found in abundance on the roadside.

Little Beach is a once in a life-time experience when travelling the Great Southern. The beauty of this pristine beach is truly special and unlike anything I’ve experienced in my travels. It’s safe to say that this small fraction of our gorgeous Great Southern region has earned a big place in my heart.


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